WELCOME to the Tallahassee Community College Alumni & Friends Association. We offer a chance to reconnect with TCC through networking, mentoring and other opportunities to engage with TCC and current students. 

Membership in the Alumni & Friends Association is free and open to current and former students who have completed at least one class at TCC and to anyone with an interest in the College. We encourage you to JOIN TODAY!

We’ve got some big plans, including the launch of a new website this summer, so please check back for regular updates.

Earn discounts on entertainment, sporting events, and dining by becoming a member today.

Travel the world! Join other members on group trips and help support TCC. See Costal Alaska on a seven night luxury cruise aboard Regatta, August 4 - 11, 2016. Join us as we experience America's last frontier; from untouched wilderness to deep, twisted fjords and glistening, blue glaciers.

Attention TCC Alumni. Are interested in helping create a retrospective covering TCC’s 50 years? If you attended TCC prior to 2000 we need your help.

TCC students enrolled this Fall in the American History II course will be required to complete an oral history project by interviewing a TCC alum! These students will focus on preserving community and cultural memories, while gaining a better understanding of those years you attended TCC and how they fit into the larger scope of history.

Please volunteer and help shape the understanding of your particular generation. Interviewees can expect to spend about 2-3 hours with teams of 2-3 students and to be recorded.

We need 30-40 TCC alumni who are will to share your stories and help make this powerful learning experience possible for our students.

Interested alumni should email alumni@tcc.fl.edu to volunteer. THANKS.

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