About Us

Love Tallahassee Community College? You’re not alone.

Our Alumni & Friends Association offers a chance to strengthen your connection to TCC and with the more than 50,000 graduates and 340,000 students whose lives have been changed by the College. 

Members get access to exclusive benefits, as well as opportunities to network, mentor and engage with TCC and its students, all while helping to support programs and activities for current students and their fellow alumni. 

Membership is free and open to all those with a passion for TCC, including:

  • Graduates 
  • Current and former students 
  • Current and former employees
  • Community members and partners 



The Tallahassee Community College Alumni & Friends Association is committed to serving and engaging alumni and friends of TCC through fellowship, programs and services that strengthen the College community. The Association embraces the vision, mission, and goals of TCC.


The Tallahassee Community College Alumni & Friends Association will serve as a vital partner and significant resource in the success of Tallahassee Community College through the engagement of alumni and friends in a lifelong relationship with TCC.